The American League All Star Starters

The 2007 American league All Star Starters as voted by the fans:

C Ivan Rodriguez, Detroit
It’s Pudge’s remarkable 14th All-Star appearance. The guy’s popularity and recognizability are a huge part of him getting selected, but the fact that he got an assist from Joe Mauer being hurt and having a down year didn’t ruin his chances at all either. He’s hitting .280 with 42 RBI on a good team, that helps as well. Pudge at the All Star game as been a fixture since I was a young kid and it was in Texas in 1992 when Junior won the MVP. Why would this year be any different?

1B David Ortiz, Boston
He’s not having his biggest year power-wise with only 13 HR, and he’s going to have to have a huge 2nd half to get to 40 for the 4th consecutive season; but he’s got a .317 average right now and a lot of big RBI’s for a good Boston team. The beantowners definitely helped him out, and there isn’t many better guys in the game than “Cookie Monster”, so I’m glad he’s going.

2B Placido Polanco, Detroit
He will make his first all star appearance as a starter, a double caveat. He is hitting .332 so he deserves the spot. He also looks like Albert Pujols love child with an alien, so that’s cool. I like Bobby Cano a lot, but I think Polanco truly deserved this.

3B Alex Rodriguez, New York
This was the biggest no brainer of them all. I even voted for him every time he deserved it so much. A-Rod has improved his already staggering numbers. He’s hitting .334 with 28 homeruns and 79 RBI. He’s averaging more than an RBI a game for the season. Rodriguez might just have his finest offensive season not just as a Yankee, but ever. The short left field porch and every porch in every ballpark has been kind to him this season.

SS Derek Jeter, New York
I was looking at his numbers this morning. The ultimate professional, Jeter is an exemplary all-star pick. He’ll be like Ripken at the end of his career, he’ll be voted in as a starter out of honor in his last season. He’s hitting .340 on the year and even though the power numbers are down he’s got 105 hits. All this while being the captain in the biggest city in America, pulling ass by seemingly being, well, Derek Jeter.

OF Vladimir Guerrero, Anaheim
See the ball, hit the ball. You could have penciled the hitting machine they call ‘Bad Vlad’ in this spot in february. A huge reason the Angels have the best record at home in baseball.

OF Magglio Ordonez, Detroit
Unbelievable numbers again for this starter. The fans got it right on this one. The guy is having an insane season on his way to being an all star for the 6th time. Can he make a run at .400? He’s done it so far this season, in a lineup that isn’t that awesome on paper. He’s hitting .375 and has 68 RBI. I don’t see any reason for why he hasn’t been the first half AL MVP, edging out A-Rod because the Tigers have been more successful as a team.

OF Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle
Once again a consensus pick due to all the Japanese voters and his international fame. He’s never failed to get 200 hits, he’s never failed to hit .300 either. The little sumbitch is just a pesky little hitter. He’s hitting in the .360s and has helped Seattle play above their heads. He’s stolen 22 bases in 24 attempts. He’s just good. Real good.