Throwing it around

Thursday end of day. A happy time, practically a time to begin kicking off the weekend. You can make it through one day of anything, even 24 hours of nipple twister couldn’t be enough that you couldn’t suffer through a day of it; well maybe. Anyhow, tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers fight for their playoff lives, but I’ll be watching the Indians take on the Marlins on the side. Here are some links that make ya go ‘mmm’:

  • The Cleveland Indians welcome Jason Stanford to the starting rotation. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • Curt Schilling likes the internet and knows his way around it pretty well. Bullshit facebook account he does not have. (We Are the Postmen)
  • Jose Lima, hhhhhangin’ around. (Deadspin)
  • Do not trade Adam Dunn (On the Show)
  • The Fantasy Baseball All Fuck You in the Ass Team. I only own one of them? Where is Chris Carpenter and Carlos Zambrano? (Big Shirtless Rob)
  • The Houston Astros are going crazy, and I’m reaping the benefits….. not really, but I hate those fuckers from Texas. (With Leather)
  • Mike Mussina steps up, and the Yanks keep winning. (Yankees Etc.)