Throwing it around

It’s friday and we’re here to give you the best stories available out there in blog world and as an added bonus you don’t have to hear about fucking Paris Hilton. It’s a nice baseball weekend, the Tribe is at home, the Reds are at home, and Yankees have won 9 in a row, and Mets….well the Mets have let Bottichee down. All in all, our teams have some big games this weekend. I’m headed to the ballpark tomorrow evening. Here are some links we felt were worthy on this friday morning:

  • Buster Olney speculates that Jermaine Dye could be a Diamond Back. Ironically, I had a dream that Adam Dunn became a Diamond Back last night. I woke up in a cold, cold sweat. (MLB Trade Rumors)
  • Photoblogging Yankee Stadium, I have to get back there for a third time. (Redleg Nation)
  • Wanna know more about the draft picks 1 through 10 that were selected a few days ago? (The Hardball Times)
  • What would happen if the 1965 Twins played a series against the 2006 Twins? Other then half the games wouldn’t be played at that baggy-Dome. (Coffeyille Whirlwind)
  • Philadelphia fans showing class? For Jim Thome? What is the world coming to? (The Jaunt)
  • MLB filed a lawsuit over fantasy baseball? That is just terrible. (Loser With Socks)
  • After the Angels won the series against the Reds, it’s time to get ready for the other Los Angeles team. (Halos Heaven)
  • Interesting post for the statheads; talking about the Brewers and Tigers series. (Brew Crew Ball)