DH Off-Topic: Graduation Day for Editor George

Today is graduation day for Editor George. I can honestly say I’ve watched him grow from a boy into a man on this which would appear to be a just peak or climax in his short term adult life. It is no secret that editor George and I grew up together in his and mine beginning of the same quest into adulthood an the real world. We met our freshman year in college on the baseball diamond, were teammates and soon thereafter became roomates. Editor George would leave school his sophmore year and move back to Connecticut, and I would stay here in Ohio.
It was an uncertain road for both of our lives at that point and also for our friendship. I had never had a friend that had lived further than just down the road from me, let alone out of state. I still had two and a half more years of college to go and my best friend and teammate were gone. I had other friends there, but no one who I had felt like about my buddies from high school. George was the reason I enjoyed college, and a big reason I decided to stay. It could be said that because of him, I was willing to give our school a chance and not transfer after my freshman year. It could also be said that he changed my life, in effect, since I ended up meeting the girl I am to marry my senior year at that same school I talked myself out of transferring out of due to George.
The journey was a long and winding one for George. I graduated two years ago last sunday. There were points when he told me he just didn’t know it was for him. Now he calls me a few days ago to tell me he received a 3.5 this semester, something I never did in college.
As I said, I’ve watched him grow from an 18 year old boy without a plan into a guy now with a college degree, a good woman at his side, and an even better job and future. The rest is history, as for our friendship–it speaks volumes that I’ve decided him to be my best man in my wedding. It also speaks volumes that we are as good of buddies as we’ve ever been and he lives hours away. I still talk to him more then I talk to my friends whom I see more often.
Congrats George, you earned it man.