Astros @ Reds, Game 2

7:04 pm-I’m going to liveblog the game tonight for as long as I can stand it. Hopefully we score some big time runs tonight, we’re going to need. it. Eric Milton is Brutal. Rosecrans is a lucky dog in Cincy tonight, and he says that Hamilton is getting the day off. That doesn’t make me very happy.

Freel cf
Phillips 2b
Junior rf
Conine 1b
Gonzales ss
Dunn lf
Encarnacion 3b
Ross c
Milton p

Did you know you could check out the media guide from any team in the big league any night? I always love looking at these when I have sat in the diamond seats at Great American, but don’t know where else to get them, until now that is.

I’ll try to follow things in the comments but feel free to talk some baseball in there tonight. Hoping Dunner can hit #10 and we can steal one tonight, deservedly so.

7:07 pm- aw isn’t that cute, Chris Welsh says that his favorite Astros player is Luke Scott…not like that guy beat us last night or anything, shit-dick. I will tell you what, this losing really makes me hate HATE George Grande and Chris Welsh. They’re bad together. Always so positive, all the fuckin’ time. I want their heads, I want their jobs, I want them gone. Their bullshit makes me miss my AM radio and Marty’s negativity. More on these ass’s later, but I’m just tired of their shit.

7:14 pm- Good start for Milton. I would have bet against it, then again, Berkman is up. It’s about time for a hogger, hoggers.

7:17 pm- well, scratch that. Eric Milton and his typical shitty first inning shine through. Carlos Lee hit one that hasn’t landed yet. It’s 2-0 Astros in the top of the first. I’ve had enough of Milton as well.

7:21 pm- Oh yeah, and about Hamilton not playing, since we’ve been hitting soooooo well, why not sit the hottest hitter on the team…..Narron is souring on me.

7:27 pm- Jr. hits a slider that didn’t slide for a long, long single. He’s dead pull right now but red hot. 2 outs, we’ll take it. He’s hit in 6 straight.

7:30 pm- Hunter Pence: mix in a hamburger, you wirey geek.

7:43 pm- screw this. I might go play madden, or yo-yo, or stare at the walls in my house. This team doesn’t deserve my attention right now. Shitheads.