Liveblog: Reds @ Cubs game 1

8:05 pm- Tonight’s game against the Cubbies and the Reds trot this lineup out:

Hamilton cf
Keppinger ss
Griffey rf
Phillips 2b
Dunn lf
Hatteberg 1b
Valentin c
Encarnacion 3b
Harang p

Hamilton’s first start since being off the disabled list. Pitching matchup is the same as from opening day, Harang vs. Zambrano.

8:08 pm- Hamilton grounds out.

8:12 pm- Brandon Phillips doubles, Griffey to third base. Dunn up with 2 outs. Come on Dunner, you own Zambrano.

8:15 pm- Dunn walks. Bases loaded for Hatteberg w/ 2 out. Dunn has hit 30 homeruns in his career against the Cubs despite only hitting .188 this season against them.

8:16 pm- Hatteberg pops out. They waste an excellent opportunity against Zambrano. Harang coming to the hill. After one half inning, Reds 0, Cubs 0.

8:23 pm- Harang strikes out the side. 1-2-3 inning. After one full inning, Reds 0, Cubbies 0.

8:28 pm- Game is flying right along. Great play by Aramis Ramirez at 3rd base and Zambrano has his own 1-2-3 inning. After 1 and 1/2 innings, Reds 0, Cubs 0.

8:34 pm- 6 up, 6 down for Aaron Harang. He’s doing his best Bobby Jenks impression right now. After 2 innings it’s still 0-0, with Hamilton coming to the plate.

8:36 pm- Hamilton with a great piece of hitting, goes the other way for a single.

8:40 pm- After a Keppinger walk to put Hamilton on 2nd, Griffey doubles to the wall in center field. Hamilton and Keppinger score, but Griffey is out a dead duck at 3rd base to no surprise. What the fuck? Yeah great hit and you’re my boy and all, but why do that. Reds 2 Cubs 0.

8:41 pm- and here is why you don’t run on that play. Phillips an infield single. Therio shaken up. Therio bugs me. Not to the extent David Eckstein does, but he does bug me. Dunn up.

8:50 pm- with 2 down, George Grande wishes RIP to Phil Rizzuto.

8:52 pm- Zambrano visibly pissed (what else is new) as he is robbed of a hit by Edwin Encarnacion. Harang rolling (what else is new). Reds 2, Cubs 0 after 3 innings.

8:59 pm- Josh Hamilton RBI groundout on the first pitch he sees from Zambrano. Reds 3, Cubs 0.

9:00 pm- Jeff Keppinger singles on the first pitch to left field, scoring Encarnacion. Reds 4, Cubs 0.

9:02 pm- Griffey shits the bed again trying to get in a rundown. Reds lead 4-zip going into the bottom of the 4th.

9:10 pm- Nagga, naga, nagunna be a no-hitter in this one anymore. Derek Lee homers to right center, his 4th career off Aaron Harang. Solo shot doesn’t make it hurt as much. Ends a string of 11 straight retired by Harang. Yes it was into the basket. Reds 4 Cubs 1.

9:10 pm- faster than I can type it, Aramis Ramirez solo shot to left field. BoomBOOM BOOM! That is simply the way it goes against this pitching staff, even when our ace is on the hill. Reds 4, Cubs 2

Update: It started to drag and I started working on my season previews over at the Nosebleeds. Sue me. It’s that tim of year. Who doesn’t want to read about Arizona Cardinals football?