Throwing it around

It’s friday morning, and while we might be hungover-not even a headache can spoil the mood because we’re heading to the ballpark tonight! We promise not to drop this ball in this segment of throwing it around:

  • Fenway Blogger is a good place if you’re a Red Sox fan. They’re ready for some baseball and that’s good because they’re getting a white-hot Yankees team this weekend which kicks off the best rivalry in all of sports.
  • The Hardball Times examines this week in baseball history, which is kind of cool really. We like it because it reminds us a bit of ‘This Week in Baseball’, and it makes us miss Mel Allen. Nothing better on earth than a saturday early afternoon edition of TWIB.
  • Coffeyville Whirlwind gives a tribute post to the man they called ‘Quiz’. He was a good pitcher and even a better man, and it’s a good short read about the late Royals closer. They could use his arm right now, thats for sure.
  • OH MY LORD! This, is why we love Deadspin. Leave it to them to save a golden nugget like this until baseball season, when you just know they’ve had it since Christmas. We’re reffering to Tommy Lasorda doing a poor representation of Santa Claus, with Alyssa Milano in full-tow. Fuckin’ classic. Why is it that we always come to find out the managers in baseball are much bigger characters then the players they manage?
  • It’s a good thing my local watering hole didn’t televise this one last night, because I would have broken a few of their nicest pool sticks. Redleg Nation talks about the Reds bullpen showing it’s ugly side again. If they blow another lead in the near future, I’m gonna kick Todd Coffey’s nut-sack through the top of his red head.
  • The Indians are dissapointing people once again. The DiaTribe tells the truth in the fact they were swept out of town in the Bronx.