Throwin' it around

Here’s what we found footnoteworthy around baseball today:

  • Our buddy Grady Sizemore is getting major props from Yahoo sports. Good read here.
  • For Yankees fans wondering about mega-prospect Phillip Hughes‘ spring, Yankees Etc. has a nice wrap-up of it for you.
  • Deadspin takes a look at Sammy Sosa’s glory days. I remember them, and man was he at a high pinnacle.
  • In Cleveland today, I felt baseball in the air. Read up on what’s going on in Indians Spring training with a full Tribe report from the DiaTribe.
  • Pudge Rodriguez leading off for the Tigers? Baseball Musings sees it as a possiblity.
  • Barry Bonds says he may play in 2008. We’ll 1-up that, we know he’s playing in 2008.
  • To us, Sammy Sosa appears to be back. It’s kind of hard at this point to root against him, even if you aren’t rooting for him, isn’t it?
  • Pete Rose says the fans want him back in baseball. Aparently, Pete Rose has short term memory loss. You don’t have that many fans Pete.