20 Things I'd pay good money to see at the ballpark

1. Yankees-Red Sox game in the Bronx
1a. Cigars and Scotch with Joe Torre after the game
2. Adam Dunn hitting a majestic blast to left center field in Cincinnati
3. Any playoff atmosphere game at Fenway Park
4. Saturday afternoon game at Wrigley field
5. A game started by Roger Clemens or Nolan Ryan
6. Ichiro Suzuki play defense in right field (now) center field
7. A bench clearing brawl
8. Barry Bonds hitting a historic homerun “Splash Shot”
9. Grady Sizemore leg out a line drive in the gap for a triple
10. Ken Griffey Jr. in his prime at the Kingdome
11. David Ortiz at the plate in any postseason contest
12. Any postseason contest involving the Reds or Indians
13. Lou Piniella throwing a tantrum and getting run
14. The hot dog races in Milwaukee when I’m 12 beers deep
15. Would have been fun to see the old Oakland Athletics play (Mcgwire, Canseco, Henderson, Eck)
16. Spend the day in Philly then watch Ryan Howard crank a homerun that night
17. Francisco Rodriguez closing down a game in Anaheim
18. Hearing the organ at Dodger Stadium just before the team takes the field, with the sun still out
19. Albert Pujols in any plate appearance
20. Game 7 of the World Series