The Start of a Championship?

I gotta say, I have a vision. I have a vision that this years Cleveland Indians could be the world champions. They could be the team dreams are made of, but we’ll save the predicitions for when that time comes just before the season starts.

I didn’t get to enjoy it because I was spending the entirely with my beloved boss, but the Indians opened up their Spring with a crushing 13-2 defeat of the fuckkkkking Houston Astros. I don’t give a shit about Biggio’s march to 3000 hits. Yes, his brother in law owns a liquor store in Spring Lake, New Jersey that the staff here buys booze from every memorial day weekend. Yes, he has a countdown on a blackboard of annoying Craig’s march to 3000. Yes, my fiance has served Craig as a waitress, and he knows her by name. I don’t give a shit. I hate that team.

Victor “the Villan” Martinez, who never smiles went 3 for 3 on the day. He homered, naturally. That’s what villans do. They homer, and don’t smile much.

And whats that I see? Rasputin Westbrook starting and and gettin the ugly “W”. These starting pitchers gotta be loving the fact that they can start, throw two innings, and get the win. If only it were that way in the season huh?

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