Indians begin to talk beans with Sabathia, seriously

You think he’s ever had a crave case (20+ burgers) from White Castle?

The Cleveland Indians have started on talks with the agent of CC Sabathia on a contract extension. Sabathia is scheduled to become a free agent after the 2008 season currently, at which time he will head for the city with the best dining experiences.

“The market was great for pitching this time,” Sabathia said. “We’ll see
how it goes the next couple of years.”

Sabathia weighs almost 300 pounds at this point. Being an Indians follower, it’s hard not to like a kid that’s been in the organization since he was 19. He’s obviously a great pitcher, who needs a 20 win season to pass into the elite status. He’s also got to stay away from the McDonald’s hash browns and McGriddles.

“I hope I can stay healthy the next couple years and be in the position those
other guys were in this winter,” Sabathia said.