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Lots of Members of the MLB Fraternity changing Places


In the past 24 hours, we’ve all seen the equivalent of what you would see on a true deadline day:

  • Troy Tulowitzki (I am a great speller and can never get it on the first try no matter how many damn times I attempt it) was shocked in being traded to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes and Miguel Castro along with minor leaguers.
  • Ben Zobrist was sent from the A’s to the Kansas City Royals for minor league arms. Many are saying that this makes the Royals the team to beat in the American League. Now I love Ben Zobrist as much as the next guy; but come on now. That said, Zobrist’s average has gone from the low .200s to .268 in a short amount of time.
  • The Angels acquired David DeJesus, David Murphy, and Shane Victorino in the wake of the news that Mike Trout could be headed to the disabled list.
  • The Washington Nationals traded for Jonathan Papelbon of the Phillies for the 10th rated prospect in their system, pitcher Nick Pivetta. It’s a good move until you get to this part of the news: Papelbon will take the closer role from Drew Storen. Totally bone-headed on the Nationals part as an organization. Storen has had his troubles in the past, but has arguably been the best closer in the National league this season. He’s 29 for 31 in opportunities, has a 1.73 ERA to follow up his 1.12 ERA last season and has struck out 44 batters in 36.1 innings. Papelbon has 17 saves, hasn’t blown one, and has 40 strikeouts in 39.2 innings. I think you stay with Storen until there’s an issue or you use both of them. Remember you heard it here first, there’s going to be a blown save that costs the Nationals dearly at some point by Papelbon. It’s Storen’s pen, he has the confidence of his teammates right now, and he simply has the better stuff.
  • The Mets added Tyler Clippard from the Athletics; and following that trade he said the Nats were ‘beatable’.

There are still some marquee names out there being talked about going somewhere: Cole Hamels, David Price, Mike Leake, Jay Bruce, Aroldis Chapman, Craig Kimbrel, Francisco Rodriguez. Of course you’ll have that random deal made between two middling teams that is really just shuffling deck furniture on the Titanic. Those trades are the best trades.


Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 11.49.09 PM

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m rejoicing about a the unfortunate news that Jose Reyes won’t be going near a baseball field for a while – unless it’s wheeling his chair into the Blue Jays dugout.

We never want to see a player get hurt, but when it comes to fantasy baseball; there will be casualties. If it’s going to happen, you want it to affect the one owner in your league who thinks he’s going to come out on top.

My team is surging, and he gets to pick from the likes of Josh Rutledge, J.J. Hardy (waiver out for him if you want him), Alexei Ramirez or Marco Scutaro. Yea, I would say Reyes helps you more than those guys.

Tough break. Er, sprain. Meh, no matter. You think you’re winning your league with Reyes on the shelf? NO WAY JOSE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, THIS is how you get a leg up on the competition!

2013 Toronto Blue Jays Team Preview

Check out the jerseys hanging up for the Toronto Marlins Blue Jays.  Reyes, Johnson, Bonafacio, Buehrle.  Just a part of the new players Toronto got to play north of the border this year.  The Blue Jays have long seemed a team ready to take the next step, but they never have.  They tried a few different methods.  Former GM JP Ricciardi, tried to do it with big signings such as AJ Burnett and, ahem, BJ Ryan?  New GM Alex Anthopoulos spent several years building the farm system starting with trading ace Roy Halladay.  Well, after acquiring a nice core of young players including Brett Lawrie, and Brandon Morrow, Anthopoulos made some deals to swing for the fences this year.  He picked a good year to do it too.  The Red Sox are down for sure, the Yankees have serious injury concerns.  Is this the year that Toronto gets back to the playoffs after a 20 year absence?  If it is, it will be greatly dependent on how this next group of players perform this year and adapt to playing in the great white north.

Let’s see who they acquired to make that playoff (and maybe more) berth a reality.  This could be long.

Major Off-Season Moves:

  • Acquired SS Jose Reyes
  • Acquired SP Josh Johnson
  • Acquired SP Mark Buehrle
  • Acquired OF/2B Emilio Bonafacio
  • Signed OF Melky Cabrera
  • Acquired SP RA Dickey

Toronto acquired 5 of the 6 players acquired in the off season are former or current All-Stars.  This is a serious influx of talent for a team that  already had a pretty good major league roster.  Now they had to pretty much deplete their prospects still in the minor leagues, but sometimes that’s what you need to do.  In a prefect world, a team can have a stocked minor league while still being a top major league team.  I can guarantee that most fans would trade one World Series title if it means there will be a rebuilding phase a few years later.  All these players are going to fill starting roles (Bonafacio being the shakiest) and will be significant upgrades over their predecessors.

We’ll get down to the nitty gritty after the jump.  Onto the lineup. Continue reading 2013 Toronto Blue Jays Team Preview

Game 3, 2012: Reds Rise From the Dead on Easter Sunday

Jay Bruce got one off Heath Bell to tie the game at 5-5, bottom of the 9th.

[Box Score]

Cincinnati.com | Mark Sheldon | Redleg Nation | Red Reporter

This was the type of win that builds chemistry when the season is still young. It was a huge victory for the Reds, pushing the Marlins out of town when they should have lost the opening series of the season.

I returned from Easter brunch in time to see Jay Bruce hit his game tying opposite field home run off Heath Bell. Drew Stubbs added an infield single. The Reds started to pile on the pressure on Bell and the Marlins. Hanigan singled to the opposite field and Stubbs advanced to third.

I was never really concerned with this bunch. Even if they had lost today, I’m not concerned. If they lose five games in a row after this–I still have a relaxed sense that at some point the wins are coming. And when Scott Rolen pinch hit and drove a ball hard to third base, Jose Reyes couldn’t field it cleanly. Stubbs scampered home, and the Reds had themselves against a quality opponent.

Marlins exit stage left–they took a nice piece of us last night–but we let Mike Stanton come to town and didn’t surrender any bombs. Statement win on Opening Day followed by letdown loss and finished up with a character and chemistry building win on Easter Sunday.

How about Jay Bruce? He’s never gotten off to a start like this. To see him using all of the field and put a swing on a Bell fast ball on the outer half like he did was no accident–whereas last season when Bruce went the other way with a pitch it looked forced or by mistake. Bruce hit a ball that got caught in the jet stream. The swing looked a little bit like Joey Votto off first glace. The Reds don’t win today without Bruce’s game-tying blast.

Pats on the back go to Zach Cozart, Aroldis Chapman (nice ‘W’ in two scoreless innings of relief), and DatDudeBP for his 1000th hit as a Cincinnati Red.

Bring on the damn Cardinals tomorrow night and let’s get this rivalry going again. We’re going to put a whuppin’ on that ass.


Bruce’s 2nd home run of the season

Bruce’s game-tying shot off Heath Bell in the 9th

Rolen drives in the game-winning run

Marlins Offer Albert Pujols a 10-year Contract

I was thinking about something this morning on my drive into work. I really want Albert Pujols to leave the Cardinals, thus increasing the chances he stays in St. Louis. If Albert leaves the Cardinals, I think the Reds clearly become the front-runner in the National League Central. Let someone else worry about Pujols putting up a career year in the form of lifetime stats against them (see Pujols’ career stats against Cincinnati).

It looks like things are moving closer to a reality. ESPN breaks the news on this one:

The Miami Marlins have made a 10-year offer to the biggest fish on the free-agent market, first baseman Albert Pujols, baseball sources told ESPN the Magazine’s Buster Olney on Tuesday.

It is unclear what the monetary figure of the offer is, and a key question is whether the Marlins would agree to include a no-trade clause in their offer. The club did not offer shortstop Jose Reyes such a clause, which Pujols had with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Marlins’ latest offer is an increase from the nine-year proposal made in their first meeting with Lozano.

Well this news makes me happy. I know it makes Danny Lozano happy. I just want my Reds to have a run at things in 2012. I’m not scared of a baseball team from Miami that will be in full panic mode come July. Go ahead Albert, sign down in South Beach with your superstar Dominican buddy Reyes. Similar paths worked out well for Lebron.

Let me also add that there’s just no way a legend like Pujols should ever play for a franchise like the Marlins. And he’ll be back in St. Louis even if he has to take fewer years or money. It will be interested to see what happens now that the Marlins have put a little pressure on the Cardinals.

The Baseball Show: Introducing Tomahawk Take

Last night on The Baseball Show, Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and M.J. Lloyd of Off Base Percentage discussed the following topics:

-Our involvement with Tomahawk Take on the FanSided Network.

-Thoughts on the Braves shortstop situation, minor league prospects, Jason Heyward, the Jair Jurrjens rumors, and the Braves rotation for next season.

-We offer our thoughts on Derek Lowe’s departure to Cleveland.

-We talk about early hot stove off-season activity: Grady Sizemore, Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez, Albert Pujols and many more free agents are discussed.

-We talk about the managerial possibilities around baseball: Sandy Alomar, Terry Francona, and Ryne Sandberg.

-We debate about the importance of a manager in the game of baseball today.

-Mike talks about Ozzie Guillen’s departure from the White Sox, along with thoughts on Robin Ventura.

-As always, much more is discussed.

If you’re going to protest the Mets trading Reyes, you will not do it on their grounds

“I was told by a security guard that I can’t hold up the sign when the game is in play. I agreed. That makes complete sense. After he got a hit I put up the sign again and a supervisor then came down to tell me that I can’t have the sign up because it has a website address on it. Ok… again, makes complete sense. I am getting free advertisement LIVE on national television. Makes sense.

I decided to leave the section on my own and walk back to my original spot. I agreed that I wouldn’t show the sign anymore. They didn’t kick me out right off the bat. I folded up my sign and while walking out (while fans booed of course.. they wanted me there) and people around asked how to contact me. I gave out about 10 business cards and that is what set off security even more. That is now soliciting I guess.

The guard asked to see my ticket. I did in fact have one for that section. He then confiscated the ticket and asked me to leave on my own or leave in cuffs. I asked on what charge and he said “now you are trespassing, you don’t have a ticket”. Real classy.” [The 7 Line]