Angels: Mike Trout Drives in Six Runs in Monster Game For Anaheim

[Box Score]

Another Saturday night in Los Angeles in the career of the great Mike Trout.

First, let’s take a look at career home run number 297. Though there aren’t fans in the stands, Anaheim is still tracking Trout’s pursuit of 300 career home runs like the milestone it should be.

Then, we should mention that Trout drove in six runs on the night with three hits. All of that plus another decent little start from Dylan Bundy allowed the Angels to amass a 16-3 victory.

Indeed, it’s too late for the Angels to make a playoff push and get things going to play in October. However, it’s important to document games like this in the career of Mike Trout. Also, MLB Network has been doing their part in televising Trout late night, early and often.