Angels: Mike Trout Homers on Birthday For Fifth Time

[Box Score]

First, the good. Mike Trout homered on his birthday for the fifth time in his career on Friday night in Texas. It was in the first inning to put Anaheim up 2-0.

Of course, there is also bad.

The Angels lost the game with Trout making the final out and are now just 5-9. If they’re going to be the playoff team I think, they need to get it going a little bit.

Also, this is Trout’s final year in his 20’s. It’s hard to believe how quickly it’s gone by. And no matter how much you try to put time back in the bottle, no matter how hard we all try to savor how awesome this guy is; you can’t quite do it well enough to appreciate his awesomeness.

That said, he figures to be well into his mid 30’s before he begins to decline. His hit tool still looks sharp, and he can start putting a dent in some major career numbers if baseball can find a way to stay on the field. This was career home run 290, and the first at big Globe Life Park in Texas.