Mets: New York ‘Wavering’ With Carlos Beltran As Manager

In the wake of the firings of A.J. Hinch and Jeff Lunhow, and the Boston Red Sox parting ways with Alex Cora; the target next moves to Carlos Beltran of the New York Mets.

It’s unfortunate, because the Mets are a team ready to compete. Obviously this would throw a wrench in things a little bit with Spring Training starting in about a month.

Here’s from ESPN’s Buster Olney:

Sources told ESPN that the Mets are assessing the situation concerning Beltran, who is supposed to open spring training with the team next month in what would be his rookie season as a big league manager.

We will have more on this situation as it develops. As of now, it seems like Beltran is safe; or something would have already been done. As long as nothing else is leaked, he probably survives this.