The Best Scene from Ken Burns’ Baseball Documentary

We always loved this two minute scene in Ken Burns’ Baseball.

Really, it kind of says it all in terms of when you are a kid, and you love baseball, and you head to the ballpark for the first time. It’s different for all of us, but always a larger than life experience. Billy Crystal sums it up eloquently.

I still remember my first time – seeing that emerald green astroturf at Riverfront Stadium. I’ll never forget it until the day I die. It seemed almost like I wasn’t really there.

This video should have been on the blog a long time ago. It’s always belonged somewhere on the internet. Finally, I’ve done it justice. It says so much.

And what a lucky kid Crystal was. He saw a doubleheader; two Yankees wins. Two Mickey Mantle homers. We’re talking Mantle in his PRIME at age 24. What a time.