Mookie Betts, doing Mookie Betts things at Fenway

Mookie Betts seems to be having what is an okay, ordinary season for the Red Sox. He has been good, but hasn’t shown himself yet to be the generational talent we thought he would morph into in 2017.

And just as we have the thought, Betts has a big, big night at Fenway to will the Red Sox to an important victory.

My buddy Matt from work was at the game tonight (lucky bastard). He text me to let me know that Mookie knocked one over the monster. It put the Red Sox on the board and cut the Minnesota Twins’ lead to 3-1. He added an RBI single later. He later made what is rated as a “four star” grab. He did it all tonight, and the Sox battled back and won.

We love Mookie Betts. We like the Red Sox quite a bit. We would like to see them in the playoffs. If Betts can just get a little hotter, he’s going to be in the MVP conversation.

So lesson learned: don’t sleep on Mookie. He’s still real good.