I can’t Freakin’ believe Dee Gordon is a PED user


Huge news broke late after midnight about 24 hours ago. Baseball’s latest cheater is Dee Gordon. He’ll serve an 80 game suspension, and holy shit to anyone who owned him in fantasy baseball who was counting upon Gordon to win them their league stolen base title.

We’ve posted about Gordon before – and we’ve always loved the guy. We discovered him and believed in him in his 2014 breakout campaign which was probably due to a little bit of outside help. This one hits a little bit hard.

I’ll write what others have also said: if Dee Gordon can get popped for this, who else might be using? It could be anyone. This is one of those sneaky violations where a guy who was a slap hitter and base stealer; built like a stick figure, might of been one of the last ten guys I ever named to be guilty of this.

Reports are out there that Gordon has added some 20 or so pounds to his frame. When you look at early shots of him when he was trying to crack the Dodgers big league roster to now, he’s really filled out. There are also articles from 2014 about him making the effort to put on weight. It’s pretty clear why.

So the chatter that most of the guys in the minors and the guys we see on television every night are using has been cranked back up, and the speculation will again run rampant. I don’t really know where I sit, but my needle is a bit more towards the majority is still using something in this day in age.

And I’ll always have a little black mark in my mind for the man once known as Flash 2.0.