Breaking down the American League Standings


A quick look at the American League standings reveals that we’re about to see some late season drama that makes this sport so tremendous.

Lets assume a few things: the Oakland Athletics, Detroit Tigers, and Baltimore Orioles are going to be division champions for 2014.

My Top Sportsbooks predicts that the Detroit Tigers are a -600 favorite to win the division. Their oddsmakers are basically telling everyone that the Indians are dead in the water even if they don’t realize it yet. We agree.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are an interesting team because they have the second best record in the American League at 62-41, but they are the first wildcard team due to being in Oakland’s division. They hold a commanding eight-game lead in the wildcard with Yankees (54-49) and Blue Jays (55-50) tied for the second wildcard spot.

Personally, for what would make a dramatic baseball storyline for the die-hard fan, we’re hoping the Yankees find a way to grab that second Wildcard spot.

Imagine it now: you’ve got the Anaheim Angels and their cornerstone Mike Trout in the first year of his brand new contract hosting the Yankees at Angels Stadium. There has been a little history between the Yankees and their courting desire of Mike Trout in the recent past. We just think it would make for a great one-game dramatic scene.

Barring an epic collapse – and it does happen – much is already spoken for in the American League and we can see who will represent our field of five in October.