Does this polygonal Yasiel Puig actually look like Yasiel Puig?


Courtesy of their official Facebook page, MLB The Show has posted some brand new screen shots from the Playstation 4 console that comes out in May.

And we have to admit – we’re nerds. We have waited all offseason to see what Yasiel Puig’s first face scan looked like in this game. Small details like this are everything to us. We thought it would feel as if we were looking into the eyes of the real Yasiel. Instead, we feel like it looks like Kenley Jansen. Are we wrong? Tell us we’re wrong.

And don’t get too excited by the new screenshots if you decide to check them out. Once we get our copy of the game we promise to post a nightly screenshot from when we’re playing. We’re going to make showing off the polygonal league a regular feature on this site. Tell me us it’s not cool to look at. You won’t do that, because if you did you would be tellin’ a lie!

UPDATE: According to his Instagram account, Puig is apparently taking on all comers this season in the game. We love this guy. Such a clown (in a good way)!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.22.34 AM