Your Saturday Baseball Post


There’s that autumn nip in the air that lets you know it’s winning time in baseball. The days are getting shorter and there is a distracting amount of football on television these days. Baseball is still the king of everything.

Pretty soon, teams will start clinching. Champagne will be sprayed in clubhouses. The Dodgers magic number is four, the Braves are at six, and Tampa is at seven. It won’t be long now.

Something to keep an eye on might be the NL Wildcard Race. The Washington Nationals are 4.5 games out with about 14ish (Reds) or 15ish (Nationals) left to play. It would be fitting if the team I predicted to win the NL pennant ended up taking my team out of the playoff field – this is the kind of stuff that comes to life in my sports life.

Happy Saturday. Make sure you set all your fantasy lineups in your H2H playoffs (I hate H2H). Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.