Rank Relief: Changing from a moustache to a beard hasn’t helped John Axford


rank relief 5.1-1

Starling Marte is staring to sprint but he’s going to be able to jog on this one.

The Brewers moved John Axford out of the closer role but apparently it’s no better hide him in the 8th inning.  Axford came in with a 2 run lead, but the hard hitting Pirates (.252/.323/ .410) weren’t going to settle for that.  Axford went to work quickly, allowing a single and then a two run homer to tie the game by Starling Marte. (pictured above)  Ron Roenicke hadn’t seen enough though.  He let Axford continue to piss away the lead and by the time he came to get him the lead was gone, and they wouldn’t get it back.

rank relief 5.1-2

Final tally:  3 singles, 1 homerun, 2 outs, 3 runs, 1 loss.  Brewers fans have suffered a horrible bullpen long enough.  Outside of Axford selling his soul for one good season, what else have they had.  Weird.