It’s a Holiday! (Sort of)

You’re either at work or you’ve already started your 4th of July celebrations.

The Fourth is kind of a farce this year. For many of us there will be no leaving town, no Budweiser heavy, and no Black Snakes or M-80’s. Just a simple return to work Thursday morning for two more days of the real world. It’s the closest thing we have to a ‘holiday’ until Labor Day though, so you better make due and do what’s needed to enjoy these next 36 hours of freedom from your job or whatever it is that ails you.

This holiday has always been a pretty good culmination of both summer and my favorite sport. I can never understand how quickly it seems to arrive. And I know in a short time I’ll be shoveling snow off our sidewalk and driveway. Strange.

We’ve got some goodies in store for you. Get through this workday and then have a safe middle of the week day off.