The Return of Polygon Jay Bruce (MLB 2K12 Related)

It’s happening again. Just the mere look at that clear depiction of Jay Bruce in the batter’s box at GABP in video game format is making me want to check out MLB 2K12 on the Playstation 3 this spring. This is not good folks. I will already buy MLB The Show because it’s the best sports game on the planet, but if 2k Sports can somehow pull off any semblance of what they say they will I’m going to be in big trouble with the wife and spending nights on the couch with the dog.

They’re still giving away $1 million dollars you’ll never win, and they still promise to be the most realistic baseball game on the planet. Nothing we haven’t heard before. But these images are definitely sucking me in and intriguing me to the point where I might rent the game and if it’s bearable–without any game breaking glitches–I’ll buy it.