One of the Best

My writing has been sporadic lately. I’m getting married in less than a month and I’ve been turned off on the sport by inconsistent play from my favorite team in all of sports, the Cincinnati Reds. I felt that I had to do a post this morning after stumbling across this post by Dave Cameron at FanGraphs.

Around the time I started writing on the internet, I discovered the USS Mariner. I loved reading it because it was so well written, never mind the fact it was based on a baseball team in the pacific northwest.

Not long after that, I discovered FanGraphs. I fell in love at first post and never turned back. Both sites have a high amount of contribution from a writer named Dave Cameron (Mariner is his site), whom I consider to be one of the most knowledgable baseball writers that has ever done it.

If Dave Cameron says a guy has a future or that a prospect is the real deal, I always hold out hope. He simply knows his factual statistics and is clearly of bleacher bum mentality just like I am.

When I found out Dave was battling Leukemia (and the good news update) my heart sunk for this man who I did not know. When you write about baseball on the net and especially if you’ve done it for a while, it becomes a relatively small fraternity. I just wanted to do a quick post detailing that Dave Cameron is one of the best I’ve enjoyed reading (along with the Leitch’s, the Neyer’s, John Sickels, and Buster Olney to name a few others). I want to send an exorbitant amount of thoughts and prayers to this man in his battle.

And I’m looking forward to reading the USS Mariner in some 20 years or so when they finally have the lineup to get to a World Series.