Trader Jack McKeon is back

For all the things that change as the years go on, Jack McKeon returning to manage the Marlins and be in baseball as an 80 year old should be one that comforts us all.

Jim Bowden has worked with McKeon in the past. If you read his post about him, you’ll learn that Jack McKeon is a lot more than just a guy who has held a few managerial posts. This guy is a rare artifact in the game of baseball. A rich and genuine baseball man that understands the game at it’s roots. And he’s arguably going to be closing out a Hall of Fame career.

It’s funny because when I was younger–I would have never understood how Baseball could have a guy who was once a Manager that would also later be a front office guy. As a kid and a young adult, guys were either typecast to be either: A) Manager or; B) Front Office GM.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized there are hybrid types. Few can do it well, but Jack McKeon could probably succeed in any operation he’s asked to do around a baseball field.

With all the catastrophe, calamity and distraught that goes on in our world today, Jack McKeon returning to the field to manage at 80 years old (making him the oldest man to do it other than the legend Connie Mack) should be something that restores a bit of innocence to the game. He’s one of the grand old grandpappies of baseball. And I’m happy to see him back whether it lasts only the remainder of this season or into next.

Enjoy it folks, you’re seeing a legend who is before his time.