Justin Upton is unbelievable

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[Justin Upton’s opposite-field walk off home run]

I remember the hot streak that Justin Upton had in 2009 pretty well. It seemed like every night he got 2, 3, or 4 hits and usually a good number of them were for extra bases. His numbers piled up quickly like firewood.

It lasted for almost 70 games and he raised his season average to .320 at one point.

Welcome to the now, where J-UP hits big time opposite field bombs that might only count for one; but send his team home happy over the team they trail narrowly for first place in the NL West.

He’s hitting .395 over his last 23 games. Last night’s home run wasn’t just gone, it was an absolute bomb. Guys don’t hit balls like that to the opposite field unless they’re as strong as a bull.

Upton often gets overshadowed by every other young talent in the game, but he’s still one of the players who is most enjoyable to watch in the entire league. The longer Arizona can hang around, the brighter his star is going to shine. It’s good for baseball. And how nuts does Kevin Towers look for wanting to trade this guy?