Lenny Dykstra charged with theft, fraud, drug posession

The downward spiral for Lenny Dykstra continues on down. This kind of sucks to read because we are Lenny Dykstra fans here at Diamond Hoggers.

At two dealerships, Dykstra and Hymers allegedly provided information from a man they claimed was a co-signer but who had not authorized his name to be used. The leases were not approved.

But all three men allegedly drove off with three cars at one company by providing fraudulent information, according to prosecutors.

When Dykstra was arrested April 14 by Los Angeles Police Department detectives during a search warrant at his Encino home, officers allegedly found cocaine and Ecstasy along with Somatropin, a synthetic human growth hormone.

Dykstra is charged with five counts of attempted grand theft auto, eight counts of filing false financial statements, four counts of identity theft, three counts of grand theft auto and three counts of possession of a controlled substance. All are felonies.

In addition, he is charged with one misdemeanor count each of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and unauthorized possession of a syringe.

If convicted, Dykstra faces up to 12 years in state prison.

I really hope that Dykstra can use this unfortunate event in his life to piece it back together.

It’s a simple case of a guy who has been to the highest of heights, things that you and I cannot simply even fathom. Some of the stories and tales and experiences he’s had, in the end it was probably his demise. He was always chasing that next rush, that next high, that next dollar. He lost sight of what was important.

Hopefully he can put things back in perspective with this. Keep Dykstra in your prayers.