Throwing it around

Happy Monday. We hope you didn’t have too many hard-boiled eggs yesterday, resulting in a nasty stomach ache. One time we went on a protein diet and had like 4 or 5 in an evening. That night, we were sure that we were being ravaged by the effects of appendicitis. Doubled over and nearly on the verge of tears, we were talked out of calling an ambulance by our fiance. The next morning, we woke up and saw the egg shells in the trashcan. They were the culprit. It was awful. Here are the best baseball links money can buy for the day:

-Jose Bautista the best hitter in the AL? Before you laugh, the post is by Dave Cameron. [FanGraphs]
-The Golden Sombreros are racking up fast and furious. Brett Gardner was the latest victim. [The Golden Sombrero]
-Is Mariano Rivera finally fading? [ESPN SweetSpot]
-The Mariners will limit Micheal Pineda’s workload. [Hardball Talk]
-Major League Debuts from the last week in baseball action. [Bus Leagues Baseball]
-Vintage Nolan Ryan YouTube. ‘Nuff said. [Big League Stew]
-A good write-up from last night’s Easter stinker the Reds laid in St. Louis. [The Real McCoy]
-The bottom line for MLB is that TV is a bigger money maker than the gate. [Deadspin]
-Drew Stubbs leads the league with four ‘just enough’ home runs. I think he’ll take them. [Hit Tracker]