Throwing it around

The Reds have whittled their magic number down to ten. The season has just over two weeks left in it; and after this weekend we’re gearing up for a postseason ride. Should be a lot of good material flowing on the blog over the next few weeks so check back fast and furiously. This is our favorite time of year so our creative juices are definitely going to be flowing as much as they can be. Here’s some links of the morning:

-WAR updates for the 2010 season. [Baseball-Reference Blog]
-A chat about prospects with Baseball America’s Jim Callis. [Baseball America]
-There’s a lot of drama (literally) going on down in St. Pete with the Yankees and Rays series. [River Ave Blues]
-Ian Desmond has taken on a leadership role with the Nationals. [Washington Post]
-FOX Sports’ Dayn Perry talks about the importance of home field in the postseason. [FOX Sports]
-Lastly, Carlos Zambrano says he will pitch for the remaining two seasons he has left on his contract, and then retire. [ESPN Chicago]