Where have you gone, Jay Dimaggio?

Oh where have you gone, Jay DiMaggio, our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you. Woah-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh.

Bruce’s absence has been a killer not only because it’s the extra pop that Scott Rolen hasn’t been giving lately, but it’s the automatic out (and often times two) that Chris Heisey hath provided.

I mean really, you let a guy steal home to take the lead?

There were so many blunders during this series–Phillips, Votto, Rolen–not the guys you expect it from. Sure, nobody is perfect and mistakes are inevitable, but this is September. This is where you have to make it count. And the Reds really blew a big game today that they should have won. The Reds cannot continue to count on the Cards losing. It’s not a good strategy.

The Reds were 1-6 on the roadtrip and a 5 game losing streak. First 5-game losing streak for Cincinnati since Apr. 14-18, and we all know how the month of April was for the Reds.

Everyone wonders why I went so bat shit when Jay Bruce got hurt and why I was so concerned and bummed out. Now you see why. This has started us into a costly tailspin. People can say that this has not hurt us because of the Cardinals being inept. That isn’t true. At the very least we’ve relinquished the lead of National League home field advantage if we hold on in the division.