Bob Sheppard passes away

Bob Sheppard was the gold-standard for which all public address anouncers should be measured by. What a voice. I heard him at the Yankees games that I’ve been to, as well as the several time I went to the Meadowlands for New York Giants football games.

He had the perfect voice, for the perfect classy organizations.

What was so fascinating to me; was that this same man who could say “De-rrek (accenting the ‘r’) Jee-tur” with such magic was the same guy who anounced legends like Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.

Sheppard died yesterday at age 99. This man without a doubt was an artifact to the game of baseball. He probably saw more great games and legends pass through one time period than anyone else.

Rest in Piece Bob. Hearing you anounce the names of players at The Stadium in the Bronx just added to the mystique of being there for me.