In Honor of Doc Rodgers – Help Diamond Hoggers Strike Out Lung Cancer

Last night, 700 WLW’s Doc Rodgers announced that he has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. We included Doc in our prayers last night but the news shook us up quite a bit. We weren’t thinking about the sweep in Seattle. We weren’t thinking anymore about chasing the Cardinals in the NL Central. Immediately we were thinking about a way to help someone who has been dealt an unfortunate hand in life–and baseball at that moment seemed so very insignificant.

We’ve listened to Doc a good amount of times on WLW through the years. We haven’t always agreed with our liked his takes. That said, he is a member of the Cincinnati Reds fraternity. Everyone is a member of this family who has anything to do with the Reds. From the players, to Marty, to all of the great fans who read this Reds site and others.

From now until July 4th, we’ll be accepting donations that will go to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America. After every post on Diamond Hoggers will be a link that you will have a chance to donate with any credit card.

Doc, we wish you all the luck in the world in your fight. We have too faced an illness, not to the degree of Lung Cancer, but we can speak from experience that your past as an athlete will serve you well. Hopefully you can find a way to look adversity in the eye and come up again and again with the mental strength to fight it like you did as a ballplayer.

Doc, if you read this; or anyone who knows Doc–please email us at diamondhoggers_at_gmail_dot_com. We would like to ask Doc about his donation options preference for this cause.