Can anyone tell me what Thursday is?

This thursday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates is a very special day both on the blog and in the career of a young man who we love watching play the game very much.

It was two years ago on this May 27th day that Jay Bruce made his Major League debut, and we declared that day Jay Bruce Day in honor of the young slugger.

Last year on Jay Bruce day, the man himself had one of the finest games of his career. He homered twice and tripled in a victory against the Astros.

This year, he’s facing a 1-8 pitcher. A big right-hander by the name of Charlie Morton. Jay hasn’t hit a home run in the month of May. Do you know what the odds on that are? Long to say the least. He might hit 3 bombs on Thursday and drive in 8 runs. He really might. Thursday is going to be a special night for the Deal, the Beaumont Bomber, the Boss; whatever you want to call him.

You heard it here first.