Enough of the Mets on National TV

Alright, so the Mets aren’t as bad as everyone thought they’d be. Personally, on paper I didn’t see them as a bad team. Afterall, they have Johann Santana and went out and paid the piper to get Jason Bay.
While Bay hasn’t lit it up yet; and we don’t think he necessarily ever will, the Mets are getting quite a bit of run time on National TV. Today, they’re on FOX Saturday Baseball. Tomorrow night they’re on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. This follows up them being on ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball and Sunday Night Baseball last week.
Mike Pelfrey throws today, which should interest the general fan because he has a scoreless innings streak on the line. Pelfrey will probably get hit like a snare drum because we’ve added him on several of our fantasy teams making it a moot point; but at what point will the Mets run of National TV games come to an end?
While other teams like the Reds don’t get a single appearance in front of the entire nation’s eyes, teams like the Mets who will be .500 get twenty. And this is why at the end of the day, even if the Mets are slightly less evil then the Red Sox and Yankees; that you have to hate them just a little bit.
No wonder New Yorkers have that right to entitlement where they think they own everything.
Update: A writer at the SF Gate agrees with me.