It's Patriots Day in Boston

Quietly the Tampa Bay Rays are off to a 9-3 start, which includes winning three games in a row in Boston this weekend to put the Red Sox at a 4-8 start.
Today is Patriots Day, the running of the Boston Martahon and a celebration that includes a first pitch at Fenway of 11:05 am.
While the Red Sox take a lot of pride in representing one of their most important regular season home gates of the season, it’s time for some harsh truths.
A lot of baseball fans say that standings and stats don’t matter until Memorial Day. That couldn’t be further from the truth, especially in the case of the Bean Towners.
On paper, the Tampa Bay Rays are absolutely loaded, and guys are staying healthy and getting off to good starts. Matt Garza had another outing in which he looked the part of an ace yesterday. Every night it’s seemingly someone different for this team in the lineup answering the bell and helping the Rays to a victory. For a team like the Rays to go into Fenway and take the first three games of a four game series, it confirms to them that they’re nasty and capable of taking it to anyone at anytime.
When I watch the Rays, this team clearly knows how good they are. They’re loaded, they know this is their year and the window is closing, and they’re a force to be reckoned with.
When I look at the Red Sox, I see a team who is aging and knows that the cupboard is pretty thin. Other then the fact that they’re Boston, and they’ll remain in the middle of the heap at the very least, I feel that they lack the firepower in the lineup to contend with teams like the Yankees and Rays on a nightly basis. They have some nice players, but when you’re talking about sharing a division with the 1 and 2 overall teams in baseball in Tampa Bay and New York; you’ve got to have more then a few nice contributors.
They might have added John Lackey to the rotation; and they’ll get some nice outings out of the members in this group. But they’re aging and it looks like they need somewhat of a rebuild with some youth building blocks inserted.
After today’s game the Red Sox could have an entire collapse on their hands and the Massholes of Boston will be in complete chaos. Do not be shocked to see this team as a seller for the first time in a number of years come this summer. The Red Sox are in trouble, and as an organization internally they have to know it.
Enjoy your Patriots Day, Boston. It continues to go downhill from here.