Throwing it around

We’re just 32 days until Opening Day and 31 days from Red Sox/Yanks on Opening Night. A solid week away from March Madness. Last night we downloaded MLB “At Bat” 2010 for the iPhone. Pretty excited about it. Here’s some links to open up the day:

-Have you seen the 2010 Opening Day poster? [OMGreds]
-If you haven’t checked out C. Trent’s blog yet, you should. []
-2010 Reds preview. [The House that Dewey built]
-SI’s Jon Heyman ponders the length of contract Jeter might be seeking. [Sports Illustrated]
-The Justin Upton extension made official. [USA Today]
-Reviewing the Texas Rangers draft from last year. [Fan Graphs]
-The top young players in baseball, per Bill James. [Daily Pitch]
-The Twins have a 7 foot 1 pitcher in camp. [Deadspin]