It’s hideous to tattle on Todd Frazier at a dual softball/baseball camp

We’ll lead off this Hideous ballplayer week with a submission of our own. This deals with a player who is not ‘hideous’ but rather a situation that is a bit hideous.

Recently, we added Reds prospect Todd Frazier on Facebook. We told our girlfriend about it because of her association to Frazier. You see, she’s a Jersey girl. You might note that young Frazier also grew up in New Jersey. He was the star of the little league team from Tom’s River that won the whole damn thing when we were all a little younger.

Our girl used to be a top of the line softball player. She was at a New Jersey softball/baseball camp as a kid that Todd Frazier also attended.

Turns out that Frazier took a liking to one of shorty’s friends at the camp. By mid-week, Frazier is supposedly sneaking around with this chick and making out with her and engaging in heavy petting all around the camp when the counselors weren’t around.

But that isn’t the hideous part.

The hideous part is that our girl; being the little priss that she was back then, ends up going and telling on Todd Frazier and her friend. She said she didn’t like it that they were doing such things at softball/baseball camp.

So when we told her that we added her old acquaintance Todd Frazier on Facebook (friend request still pending–hold your breath), she said ‘tell him you know me’. Then just as quickly, she remembered that she screwed him over by being a tattletale.

Todd, we apologize. We’re sure you were just acting like most 13 year old Little League World Series stars would have in that situation. You had that sense of entitlement and you were going to get all you could get before the week ended. We can’t fault you for that, and we’re sorry that our girl had to go and ruin it for you.