"Where are you, you’re in that place. Where are you?"

Diamond Hoggers readers you are in for a treat for today’s edition of DH Video Select.

Enter one of the greatest characters in the history of modern film, Lester Diamond. James Woods delivers a powerful performance, playing the role of a ‘moocher, a card cheat, a country-club golf hustler, a scumbag, chasing dentists for a few bucks’ in the classic film Casino.

And if you’re a fan of that movie, is there anything better then when Lester goes into one of his cocaine-induced ramblings? He’s a beautiful little creeper who always seems to slip out of the knoose and make away with the jewels just in the nick of time, avoiding any hairy situations that could cost him his life.

I tell you what, if Lester Diamond were in baseball he’d be a perfect bench coach. The guy defines clutch.

How about that scene in the beginning of the film where he basically enters and is telling Ginger “I see you for the first time when you were five years old, long-legged colt”. Dude nails the role of coked-out creeper with perfection.

Today we salute you, Lester Diamond.