They know you well, Pedro

Why is tonight’s game two of the World Series must see TV? Most people are going to say Jay-Z and the fact the Yankees must win to avoid a 2-0 hole at home. The reason we’re planning on being glued to the television set come 7:57 PM is because Pedro Martinez will be on the bump.

What we’ll be watching for (or more so listening for), is that buzz in the crowd that you can’t mistaken for any other ballpark in America. It will be loud and deliberate tonight. And if Pedro was taking the mound anywhere else in baseball tonight he wouldn’t be received with the noise that you’re going to hear tonight. That’s why you can’t hate on the Yankees. You can say shit about their fans, but you must admit that they’re the nastiest and most intense fan base in the game today. You better respect them. They’ll show up tonight and leave the rest to their roster to get game two.

Now Yankees fans, they know Pedro Martinez well. The reason he’s starting tonight is because Charlie Manuel feels he has that postseason flair left in him. The same postseason flair that he showed in the ALCS in 1999.

He’s the cancer that won’t go away. He just keeps coming back. Admit it Yankee fan, you thought you’d never have to see this guy again. You thought the final excorcism of this guy was in 2004 (am I allowed to mention 2004)? But you were sadly wrong. It’s five years later and the son of a bitch is back. I’m getting texts from Yankee fans this morning that read ‘I want fucking Pedro’s head on a platter tonight’.

Oh you’re gonna get it. There’s something that tells us that Pedro has enough in that old right arm to stifle the Yankee lineup until late in the game and keep it tight or let Philly hold a lead. If he can do that, you’re going to hear the quietest stadium in America.

The pressure is on the Yankees. If their fan base was honest, the last guy in the world that they want to see 60.6 from their hitters at this point is the 38 year old who has made a career of winning prominent games like the one that takes place tonight. It’s going to be great. This is most likely the final chapter in the Pedro/Yankees saga. You thought he was finished, left for dead; but he’s back like Jason in one of the Friday the 13th movies. You can’t kill this son of a bitch.

Added: In case you haven’t read, Pedro still hates your asses.