Mark McGwire's return to baseball

Here’s something you didn’t expect: Mark McGwire returning to Major League Baseball. Tony LaRussa has decided to hire McGwire as the hitting coach of the St. Louis Cardinals, and it’s good to see as a baseball fan. When asked about what Big Mac will do in addressing his past with performance-enhancing drugs, LaRussa said that he didn’t know how McGwire would address it. To make a small prediction, don’t plan on him saying much. McGwire will probably defer a lot of questions by saying that he wants to talk about the Cardinals hitters he is working with.

Either way, you have to give McGwire credit. He has to know the questions are going to come, and he’s deciding to come out of his proverbial cave that we all thought he’d be in for the rest of time.

We liked watching him hit for all those years. We were big fans. It will be good to see him around the game again. For Cardinals fans, this also probably increases the chances of Albert Pujols and LaRussa sticking around St. Louis long-term. Pujols was pleased with this move.