Pretty sure that one was for you, Georgie

So we mentioned that our best friend was getting married this past Saturday night. Just wanted to say that we thought it was fitting that the Yankees won game 2 of the ALCS, with A-Rod tying the game up in the 11th inning on a homer that was eerily similar to the Jeffrey Maier homerun so many years ago.

I’ll always remember that I watched this legendary game unfold out in Connecticut in Yankee country on the night that the biggest Yankee fan I know got married. It was pretty neat. Shit, I was even clapping when the Angels made that errant throw in the 13th.

It was just a thought; but what a feeling it must be to have your team playing in the LCS series and to marry the girl you’ve always wanted to marry on the same night! To think we live such a life in such a place. It was just one of those legendary fall nights that felt like back in the 90’s and early 2000’s growing up that the Yankees had a memorable win at home in the Bronx.