The stuff of which turning points are made of

Yesterday’s game wasn’t televised, but I wanted to make sure I caught the highlights on television. I had to see for my own eyes the throw that Jay Bruce made to save a game. The throw that possibly saved a season.

Arizona is not a team you want to drop two games out of three to; especially with St. Louis rolling into town tonight. This is a make or break homestand for the Reds.

And when the Reds needed him most, Jay Bruce delivered. His 10th assist of the season was a perfect strike to home plate in crunch time. When Ramon Hernandez caught the ball, there was a slight collision. It was like throwback, old-style baseball. And Alex Romero was out.

The Reds headed to the bottom of the 10th and loaded the bases. Bruce’s bunt single caught the Dbacks off guard. Joey Votto is having one of those special years. He’s hitting everything. His fourth hit of the afternoon was his first walk-off hit of his career. The Reds stole the game and then a good old fashioned celebration ensued.

As Chis Dickerson crossed home plate, you could see this was a huge win for the Reds. It was one of those team victories where they got a sprinkle of contribution from everyone. And I’ll go on record right now and say that it just could be a springboard into something very big. Watch the Reds record from June 2nd onwards. I would bet you if they’ve got a hot run in them, it’s going to come very soon from here.