Tommy Lasorda provides us with an oldie but a goodie

You might remember that we have once ran across Tommy (sorry, Tom) Lasorda before. It was in the Diamond Seats in Cincinnati. No clue what he was there for but he was the guest of honor for one reason or another. And we got the courage up to ask him for an autograph. It was accidentally when he was talking to someone else. Big mistake.

Lasorda pointed his bony finger right in our face and scolded us good, boy. He reminded us never to talk while one of our elders are talking. While we might have felt like a second grader, we were no little kid. We were in our early college years. Then as Lasorda begrudgingly signed a menu for us (the best thing we could find for him to sign) he stuck his finger in our face again and told us to stay in school and concentrate on our books and studies. That was after us telling him we were in college.

And really he’s just like the interview you see here. That’s what makes it so golden you see. Notice that look in his eye for the entire 2-plus minute clip. He just wants to get outta there. Yeah, he had that look when we met him too.