Jose Canseco is suing MLB, will work the school carnival dunk tank tomorrow

‘Oh how the mighty have fallen’ I just kept thinking last night as a buddy and I watched a 7 foot 3 hill giant knock the stupid right out of Jose Canseco on Youtube. As I watched that Giant pummel and work over Canseco’s face, I kept wondering if Canseco’s inner thoughts are ever along the lines of ‘where did I go wrong’. I kind of doubt it.

And as usual, it’s someone else’s fault.

“A lot of these players have not been inducted into the Hall of Fame: Mark McGwire and so forth. They’re losing salaries, because obviously when you’re inducted into the Hall of Fame, you get asked to do certain, you know, appearances and shows and so forth, which incorporates income. So there is a major income loss.

“Not even that, baseball blackballs you from their family, meaning you can’t have a future proper reference from them, a job, no managerial jobs, no coaching jobs, nothing. They completely sever you.”

You know, as much as I enjoyed Canseco’s first book; his ex-wife’s might have been more telling. It was always what someone else had done wrong. Let’s forget the fact that Canseco declared himself the Godfather of Steroids in the game of baseball.

I mean, lets tell the world we are responsible for steroids being in baseball one year (to make some money) and then when we run out of that money lets be mad because baseball won’t let us back in to make some more money after causing it nothing but a giant pain in the ass.

Jose, if you don’t wisen up; we’re going to have to send you back to camp. I know you don’t want that.