Tony La Russa is not amused by your Tweeting

The first of what will probably end up being many in this situation, a figure in the sports world is suing an idiot over a faux Twitter account. Tony La Russa has filed a law suit against an individual for creating a fake Twitter account pretending to be the Cardinals skipper.

We don’t so much wonder why someone would create a fake Twitter account of a person in the sports world. It could be kind of fun. Hell, we’ve even considered doing it. The thing that has us scratching our heads is the fact that it was a fake Tony La Russa Twitter account. For God’s sakes, that’s the best you could do?

His grounds for the lawsuit are on trademark infringement and “dilution, cybersquatting, and misappropriation of name and likeness.”

Don’t know what cybersquatting is do you?

Another golden part of this is that the fake Twitter account included Cardinals updates ‘sometimes laden with profanity’. What did it say? “Get me some fucking schnapps #drunk“?

People are probably thinking that La Russa should look at the incident at innocent and light hearted. This guy drinks Jack Daniels like it’s Aquafina. Not a chance.