Like a tragic hero, Reds comeback falls tragically short

Another home loss for the Reds we can roll the credits on. Honestly, the Reds put up more resistance then you’d expect them to, but the guys who felt that Cole Hamels was a safe money line bet last night ended up going home with dollars in their pocket. The Reds couldn’t upset as an underdog. They’re running onto some hard luck right now. You lose a 16 inning game, then you draw Jake Peavy, take a day off and draw Cole Hamels. All this without your most accomplished hitter; Joey Votto.
Johnny Cueto didn’t throw all that poorly. A few mistakes here and there, and basically it added up to a bad inning that cost him the victory. He went 7 innings, striking out 4 and walking no one. He gave up a home run to Ryan Howard to open up scoring on a full count pitch. Other then that it was one bad inning with hits from Utley and Rollins providing most of the damage.
One of the high points came when the Reds tied the game at 1. Pictured above is Jay Bruce after he connected on a full count delivery from Cole Hamels. Hamels threw a change-up and Bruce caught it with a swing where he just flicked the bat head out in front and pounded it easily out of the ballpark into the right field moon deck/bullpen.
Bruce also made two great plays out in right field. Other then that, he had a rough night going 1 for 4 and striking out 3 times. We’re not worried about him, he will be fine. He’s doing a fine job for a young player who has no one around him in the lineup and he’s playing Gold Glove Right Field. You heard me.
Other then Bruce, the Reds got a home run from Jerry Hairston (who flew out with runners on 1st and 2nd to end the game) and multi-hit efforts from Ramon Hernandez and Brandon Phillips. Hernandez cut the lead to 4-3 with a sac fly after a Phillips triple.

Joey Votto remains ailing, and there is no determination of the cause of his dizziness. At least nothing has been released to the public yet. But I read a quote and felt that there is news on the way if you read it in the context that I did:

Said Reds trainer Mark Mann, “Joey has undergone a series of tests at the Scripps Clinic in San Diego and here in Cincinnati, and we have more tests scheduled over the next few days. After those additional tests, we will be more prepared to discuss the cause of his dizziness.”

Votto was in the clubhouse just prior to Tuesday’s game and said, “I can’t tell you anything right now, I just can’t say. They (the Reds) will tell you what you need to know at some point.”

That reads as if they know what it is, and it’s bad news that they do not want to hurt fan morale just yet until they are sure of what it is. I can only hope I’m wrongfully speculating here, but I feel that Votto may be done for the year and maybe longer. My hopes have nothing to do with me wanting him back on the field. I want this guy to have his health for his life. He’s 25 and just entering the prime. He’s way too young to have to worry about an ailment. Prayers for Joey to be back to normal soon.