Justin Upton's future predicted

We’ve always thought that Justin Upton was going to be a big time player in this league for a decade and a half. One of our favorite type of posts on any blog is when John Sickels does a “Crystal Ball” of a player over on minor league ball. Maybe you remember when he did his crystal ball for Jay Bruce last season.

Sickels has his projection for Justin Upton, and it has him ending up a legitimate Hall of Famer. These are fun to go back and review for a long time. It’s also fun to look and see where Sickels has a player projected to go in free agency. As you can see, he has Upton ending up a 540 HR monster, just a few hundred hits short of 3,000.

We think Upton is going to be a stud that our kids will watch someday and be in awe of. He’s got a lot of raw skill right now that cause him to look more like an athlete on the field then a ballplayer but he’ll grow into the role. It’s going to be fun to watch.