Whatever it takes

Listen Jay, you’re really worrying us. And maybe we’re just being a little paranoid. But thus far you’re 4 for 20 with no home runs, 5 K’s, only 1 walk and 1 extra base hit.

On the other hand, he has had a hit in 4 out of 5 games. So if you look at it that way….. okay it still isn’t good no matter what we do. You can’t explain it away.

Now our worry is not without good reason. We mentioned that there was only one thing that could screw Bruce out of superstardom. But there might be another. In the past we’ve been the kiss of death for many a player’s career. The careers of Austin Kearns, Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Justin Upton, William Green, and anyone else we’ve ever liked at all are all proof that our fandom just runs a player’s fortunes straight into the ground. We’re sorry Jay.

We’ll do whatever it takes to help you get out of this and just starting pounding baseballs again. You want us to shave everyday? We’ll do it. You want us to eat green scrambled eggs like Roger Maris did in 61 we’ll do it. You want us to eat dog shit? If you’ll hit enough we’ll eat dog shit.

Just don’t continue this. Start hitting a little, kid. How excruciating is it that Evan Longoria has five home runs and four doubles already? That’s crushing to watch. Bruce is every bit the player that this kid is and he’s getting MVP talk already. Thank God there’s 157 games to go.