Reds beat by Pirates 10-2

Okay, that sucked ass. Don’t even know where to start. Why is it that we always get our asses handed to us by the Pirates? Does someone want to remind this group that the Pirates are honestly the where you’d stick the enema in this league? I mean we’re bad but we’re not the Pirates. I don’t care what anyone says. But we went 6-9 against the Buccos last season, and we’re 0-1 now. Paul Maholm always shuts us down. Always. It was like money in the bank.

This game from the onset (when Mclouth hit that two run rocket shot off Cueto, same old Cueto) really pissed me off. It just feels like the same old Reds minus Dunn. They make baserunning blunders. They labor deep into counts with every hitter. They don’t get the runner in from third with less than 2 out. They don’t get the big hit. They let the Pirates come into town and score 10 runs.

When Ryan Doumit hit that grand slam off the dead president Mike Lincoln in the top of the 9th I threw my remote. I’m lucky it hit a pair of jeans on the floor or I’d be out of a remote. What could have been a nice little saturday afternoon of baseball quickly ended up ruining my day. Which has me wanting to add that saturday day games are out. No longer do we stand for them. Just play it saturday night so that we don’t have to be miserable all day if we lose. Rant over now. Thanks for fuckin’ me again Reds.
PS- Alex Gonzalez is an automatic out and so is Ramon Hernandez. I dare either one of you sword swingers to prove me wrong in the next week, month, or season.